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Frozen Entrees

Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie

An old standard for us – perfect crust, chicken, vegetables and a delicious sauce. Ready to take and bake. A stand alone meal for four, or a filling meal for six with a salad. Truly comfort food at its best.

Glenda’s Tettrazini

A creamy take on a classic dish. Mushrooms, celery, and chicken combine with noodles and a rich, almost nutty sauce to please any palate.

Trailer Park Casserole

I found this dish at a funeral in Mississippi almost thirty years ago. Chicken, chilies, cheese, and corn tortillas make this a perennial favorite. Thanks for the recipe Aunt Judy!


Chicken and ancho chilis in tortillas and rich sauce make this a yummy dinner.

Pulled Pork Ribs

Cottage Pie

Beef Lasagna

Beef, sausage, house made gravy, noodles and our creamy filling. Great with grilled vegetables or a salad.

Spinach Lasagna

A rich, delicious entrée made with heaps of spinach, our creamy filling, red sauce, and cheesy goodness.

Egg and Sausage Casserole

Called the Jingle Bell casserole in my childhood home because we had this every Christmas morning. Eggs, cheese, breading, and sausage with just enough spice to make sure everyone is awake. Delicious with ham biscuits and fruit.

Homemade Biscuits

Our homemade buttermilk biscuits, ready for you to take a bake. 1/2 dz

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

Buttery pastry filled with seared filet of beef, homemade duxelles, and our own pate. Dinner for two.

Cheese Biscuits and Gravy

Delicious cheesy biscuits in creamy sausage gravy, ready to be baked to start your morning off right.

Low Country Crab Cakes

Low Country Crab Cakes

A nod to the low country – delicious crab sautéed to perfection and ready to reheat. Try them with our lemon caper sauce. One of our most popular items when I catered as High Cotton Catering.

Tomato Bisque Soup

Ham and Beans Soup

Broccoli Cheese and Potato Soup