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Blue Cheese Butter

A compound butter that makes a deliciously distinct spread on a sandwich or a great addition to those steaks you are grilling out Friday night.

$9.99 lb

Shrimp Butter

A compound butter that is delicious on rye with radishes for an appetizer, or a great addition to add to steaks or lobster just off the grill.

$11.99 lb

Crab Butter

A delicious addition to grits with a fried egg at your next Sunday Brunch or a great addition to steaks just off the grill.

$11.99 lb

Lemon Caper Sauce

Created and the perfect partner for our Low Country Crab Cakes.

$6.99 8 oz

Tomato Aspic

Tomato Aspic

I am obsessed with Aspic - always have been. Think Bloody Mary on a plate and you'll know what we're offering up. I like mine paired with mayonnaise and a ham biscuit.

$11.99 pint

Macaroni and Cheese

Just the right amount of cheese and sauce, egg and pepper. Bake it to golden, bubbly perfection. Technically a side, but so good I pair it with a salad some nights and call it dinner.

$14 sm $28 lg

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

A summer time treat with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers in vinaigrette. Only available when the tomatoes are still coming in.

$7.99 pint

The Butler’s Salad

Romaine and Spinach, goat cheese, Parmesan, spiced pecans, red onion, dried cherries, and fresh raspberries. Try it with our Honey Poppyseed Dijon dressing. And a grilled chicken breast.


Fruit Salad

Fresh seasonal fruit.

$9.99 lb

Cocktail Sauce

Unforgettably spicy and oh so good. Perfect for our boiled shrimp. No need to heat the oven tonight...

7.99 8oz

Roasted Root Vegetables

An assortment of root veggies roasted in olive oil with salt and pepper.

$10.99 lb

Grilled Vegetables

Squash, zucchini, red onion and red bell peppers, grilled with olive oil, garlic and herbs - no added sodium. You'll never miss the salt. Great on a salad, as a side, or as a main with pasta.

$10.99 lb

Cole Slaw

A tangy slaw with a little mustard and, of course, Dukes Mayo... also, a little onion and a lot of flavor. Great on a Carolina burger or dog, with anything friend, or just by the spoonful.

$6.99 pint

Pea Salad

Peas, corn, and butter beans in a slightly sweet vinaigrette.

$6.99 lb

Pasta Salad

Fresh veggies, black olives, and Parmesan in a vinaigrette

$5.99 pint